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3 ideas to create effective backlinks

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What is a backlink ? A backlink is an incoming link that refers to a website other than the one you were visiting.

Thus, the backlinks of a web page are all the links that redirect to this page, on external websites. It is therefore essential to learn how to create and use them, to use them when necessary.

Backlinks are a valuable tool for an effective SEO strategy. It is no longer enough to create a website to create income. Now, you also need to focus on optimising your SEO in order to rank well in the search engine results. This means creating a consistent and robust technical environment for your website but also becoming popular by getting other sites to talk about you.

Here are 3 ideas for creating effective backlinks :

Use linkbaiting

Linkbaiting it is a strategy to create and post highly attractive content. This type of backlink must be taken up by other websites whose themes are similar to yours while citing the source.

Indeed, this technique makes it possible to recover backlinks in a spontaneous way. These are quality links and this strategy respects the recommendations of Google.

However, it is necessary to consecrate time to this type of strategy and to create a network of links. You also need to offer attractive content from the start.

Choose the creation of a PBN

Private Blog Network (PBN) refers to the creation of a network of sites to improve the natural referencing of a main website. Thus, the PBN will allow you to get free backlinks.

In general, the result of the positioning in the search engines is satisfactory, but it is absolutely necessary to respect certain rules at the risk of having a result completely opposite to that desired.

This kind of website can guarantee the performance of your backlinks. When you decide to create one, take into account the rules of Google. It is absolutely necessary to respect them for your main site but also for those which are secondary on your PBN. Their content must bring you real added value for your positioning.

Find a service provider to help you

It is true that developing a netlinking campaign is a demanding and time-consuming task. Therefore, you can also entrust this task to a specialist in the field. A service provider who specialises in netlinking or digital marketing may be better placed than you to choose the right backlinks for your policy.

By choosing an agency specialising in the sector, you benefit from a guarantee of quality.

This is the case with KODD, which offers you sponsored articles to be better referenced on search engines. Take the plunge now !