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5 marketing strategies to know to develop your business

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Many professionals start a business, but do not know how to proceed and how to develop it.

It becomes important to know the different marketing strategies that will allow you to propel your business in the market.

1/ Have an optimal visibility on the Internet

Visibility is essential to boost your turnover, especially on social networks which can promote and advertise your business. Get people talking about you! All opportunities are good to promote a company and get it talked about and this is possible with the help of the press.

2/ Improve your natural referencing

An optimal presence on search engines and especially on the first pages is a good solution to increase your turnover. This lever is very important, because it allows you to have endless traffic and this is all the more important on a site when it is well positioned thanks to SEO.

3/ Optimise your database

Optimising your database on a regular basis allows you to have more potential customers and consequently a higher turnover. This is still important in marketing as it allows you to expand your target to future potential customers through email campaigns and an increased presence on social networks.

4/ Prioritise your customer experience

All ideas are good to ensure a quality customer experience.

  • Above all, the after-sales service must be responsive. Evasive answers to questions, customer queries and lack of subscriber loyalty ensure a huge drop in turnover. In order to increase sales, you must be able to provide your customers with quality services and send them targeted campaigns.
  • But that’s not all, having a community is important because it will make your prospect feel involved and more loyal. They can even advertise you for free, talking about you and attracting other consumers. Try to build your community by creating a blog, social media Q&A or FAQ. These are all effective ways to increase your sales.
  • Don’t forget the importance of Click & Collect within a company! Click & Collect has become very popular recently, especially in the current health context. Not offering click & collect to your customers can be a disadvantage for increasing your turnover. This option will allow you to maintain your activity no matter what happens.

5/ Increase your conversion rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who end up buying from your site or subscribing to your newsletter. Therefore, improving the conversion rate of consumers into a purchase is not to be neglected. Regular promotions and personalised offers can significantly increase sales.

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