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Why A/B testing has revolutionised digital marketing

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A/B Testing, also known as Split Testing, is a marketing technique that proposes several different variations of a web page or other, in order to compare them to see which one performs better.

That is, we expose a variation A and a variation B to the user in a completely random way. And we see which one performs better.

This allows us to test the hypotheses to know which one really improves the customer experience and which one increases the conversion rate.

How is it used in marketing ?

A/B testing allows you to measure the effect of a change on a product, a site or other. The comparison allows to optimize what will be proposed to the consumers. And with digital marketing, changing an element on a site, a newsletter or an object becomes easier than before.

What are the advantages of this method ?

1/ Verification of your hypotheses : test your ideas without losing too much money. You will know immediately if these changes are appropriate or not. These tests will help you make the right decisions, thanks to the perceived numbers.

2/ A better customer experience : when you test new elements, it improves the experience of your customers, because you improve the path of purchase of your customers (sales tunnel). This way, you get to know your customers better and you can optimize their experience.

3/ A guaranteed return on investment (ROI) : thanks to A/B Testing, you will have a real return on investment because your platforms will be optimized according to the numbers. As a result, there will be more traffic and you will have a better conversion rate. As a result, you will have more revenue.

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