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marketing d influence kodd group agency agence digital
marketing d influence kodd group agency agence digital
marketing d influence kodd group agency agence digital


Bet on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the set of techniques that brands and communication agencies use to communicate with their targets via social networks and blogs, among others, with the help of influencers.

Originally, influencer marketing was used to target active members of a community or from forums. Social networks and blogs were not yet used for this.

With the development of social networks, new communication methods have emerged. Thus, brands have to be creative to develop effective combinations, capable of reaching demanding consumers. Hence the usefulness of using an influencer, who is closer to your target and whose message will be perceived as more authentic.

This allows a company to sell more products but also to improve its image and increase its visibility.

Who are these influencers ?

There are several types of influencers, depending on their notoriety. Thus, we can find three types of influencers :

– Celebrities (generally certified accounts) : very well known, they have a large community and allow greater visibility and notoriety.

– Macro-influencers (between 30,000 and 700,000 followers) : their audience is much more engaged and close to their interests. They usually have a blog and/or a youtube channel in addition to other social networks.

– Micro-influencers (between 5,000 and 30,000 followers) : These influencers are appreciated for their authenticity and proximity. This is the category of influencers that generates the most sales.

– Nano influencers (between 500 and 5,000 followers) : They have very few followers but the advantage is that they are influencers by passion. Indeed, it is not their job and the cost of their posts is low. They work on niches, without seeking quantity at the expense of quality.

Influencer marketing levers

There are different levers that are used by influencers to promote products/services.


This method has been widespread in the United States and then in France. It consists of unboxing a product received live, in front of the camera, to let the community live the experience. It is an action focused on the emotional.

The Buzzkit

The company sends its new products to an influencer, so that he/she can test it and share his/her opinion with his/her community.


This technique consists of sponsoring a publication on social networks and/or blogs, in order to reach a maximum number of people to gain visibility.

Product placement

Very common on social networks such as Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram, it consists in calling upon an influencer to subtly place of the product you have sent him in one of his contents. Among celebrities, this technique has existed for thousands of years. Whether in films, series, TV commercials, music videos, etc., this practice is widely used.

There are many other levers that are widely used in the world, through social networks but also through radio, streaming, music, without forgetting the “wild” posters in the street also called street marketing.

To master influencer marketing on your own, Kodd offers a masterclass that will allow you to learn how to master this strategy on your own. It’s free right now, benefit of it !

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