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Bliink, visual intelligence

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Launched in 2018 by Siham Fadili, Julia Muller and Samuel Kerboeuf, Bliink is a machine learning-based visual intelligence solution for agencies and advertisers such as Kodd-magazine.com.

This technology allows them to target consumers accurately, without having to use their personal data. By combining image recognition and semantic analysis, the Bliink solution aims to create more relevant and targeted advertising.

Why did we choose Bliink ?

Their concept is in line with that of Kodd Magazine, advertising in all discretion. Because the customer is at the heart of everything, with Bliink, advertising is offered to you and is optional. You are free to remove it with the “X” button to the right of each advertisement if you are not interested.

At Kodd Group, branding, Images, is the ultimate alliance that allows us to build community loyalty. So, by partnering with the Bliink platform, we are continuing to build on this momentum by offering you optional content.

Some of Bliink’s strengths :

  • In-Image advertising : an advertisement embedded in the image of an article that you can remove (see below)
  • Adapted advertising : advertising content is offered according to what users like in the article they read
  • RGPD Friendly : Bliink respects the editorial content by only displaying it according to the advertiser’s concept (e.g. Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Lifestyle at Kodd Magazine)
  • UX Design : a pleasant experience for the reader who is not drowned in advertising content

What is In-Image advertising ?

In-Image advertising is a format that reconciles the visitor with advertising. It is a new format that is premium and blends in with the editorial content, without interrupting the reader’s web journey.

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