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Bottega Veneta bets on organic marketing with its digital newspaper

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Bottega Veneta CEO Bartolomeo Rongone is taking a new approach by launching a new content operation : a digital newspaper, 100% free of charge.

Why did he choose this path ?

The brand has decided to get the word out by using social media in a different way. Unlike before, when it published posts and stories very regularly, Bottega Veneta completely withdrew from social networks on 6 January 2021, especially from Instagram where the Italian brand had 2.5 million followers.

This new means of communication with its customers is more immersive and intimate for the brand’s designer and creative director, Daniel Lee. He characterises social networks as “the homogenisation of culture”. So, in the face of this, he decides to go against the current trend.

 How does it present itself ?

Indeed, the brand has preferred to opt for a 132-page digital quarterly magazine that will be available at each collection release: Issued by Bottega. This will allow readers and customers to better understand the universe of the Italian house in a more personal way. It is interactive and allows the encounter of short films, photographs, sketches and animations. We can even find self-advertising inserts with sound to enhance the reading experience in the middle of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) clips and videos.

For the first issue, the brand teamed up with a number of artists such as photographers Tyrone Lebon and Tyler Mitchell, designer Barbara Hulanicki, the STORROR collective, skater Oumi Janta and musicians Missy Elliott and Kelsey Lu.

A change that consolidates its positioning ?

In addition to a strengthened identity, the brand is on track to improve its search engine results. This newspaper will allow it to benefit from better referencing, which will perhaps increase its conversion rates.

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