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How to build your digital marketing strategy

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Digital marketing is a must for business development. Digital channels are very favored since the health crisis in 2020.

Companies had to persevere more in marketing and communication, in order not to lose their customers. So, to build your digital marketing strategy well, here are some tips to make it very effective.

1/ Your digital marketing plan

Digital marketing offers various levers of action to make your business evolve. In order not to launch yourself into useless projects that will have no ROI (return on investment), we advise you to establish a digital marketing plan to determine the axes and actions in line with your objectives.

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing will increase the sales of your business by deploying communication actions to attract consumers.

The difference is that all levers are digital and there are several such as :

– A website that can be a showcase or a merchant website to sell your products and/or services
– Social networks to optimize your social presence
– Positioning in search engines like Google with SEO and SEA
– Email marketing to retain your leads and customers

2/ Content creation to generate leads

On the internet there is a lot of competition and it is increasing every day. Therefore, it is important to position yourself. For this, storytelling is an effective way in a digital marketing strategy.

It means telling a story in your communication. This form of advertising is more authentic and touches the consumer more. It allows you to better target your prospects unlike traditional advertising.

3/ Make Google your best friend

Make your products/services visible on Google. Indeed, Google is the first search engine not to be neglected. As a result, your prospects can find you on Google when they search for their needs.

So, it is absolutely necessary that your brand appears among the first links. Search for the most relevant keywords to optimize your SEO using sites like Ranxplorer or Semrush. You can also opt for paid ads with Google Ads.

4/ Sell using your social networks

Selling on social networks, also known as social selling, can accelerate your sales. Choose the social networks on which you want to be present according to your objectives and your target.

Think about implementing efficient techniques such as SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SMA (Social Media Advertising). These techniques and actions are intended to develop the visibility, the image and the offer of a website or a brand on social media. It will allow you to generate traffic on your website and attract new customers.

Don’t forget that Kodd can accompany you in the digitalization of your business !