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Finding the ideal customer through the buyer persona

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In marketing, it is important to define your target.

And to answer this problem, there is a method called the Buyer Persona which allows you to define a semi-fictional buyer profile based on your data and your intuition.

Building the profile that fits your brand

Your Buyer Persona should represent your target audience. This concept will allow you to create a typical profile of your ideal customer, but also to identify their habits and needs, the problems they encounter, and the way they make decisions.

In your strategy, this profile will play a decisive role and will allow you to define a profile of future customers, which you will use to offer them your services.

This will help you to understand who your prospect/customer is, how they function and what their buying behaviour is. You need to understand your target before you can deal with your products.

Finding solutions for your Buyer Persona

The development of your Buyer Persona will allow you to better understand your prospects and to offer them a solution adapted to their needs because when you sell, you must seek to satisfy a need.

Today, it is important to have a personalised approach. So, by elaborating some persona profiles you will succeed in understanding their expectations and habits. This way, you can be present on the channels adapted to your target.

What actions can you take now ?

Once you have developed your Buyer Persona, you need to collect information to check that you are addressing the right target: with the right vocabulary and the right proposals.

What you propose must correspond to their needs and desires. Then, you need to integrate your products into the customer journey, where we identify all the phases of the buying process of this potential customer.

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