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pexels cottonbro landing page kodd group agence marketing agency digital
pexels cottonbro landing page kodd group agence marketing agency digital
pexels cottonbro landing page kodd group agence marketing agency digital


How to optimise your landing page in 5 steps

It is necessary to optimise your landing page in order to improve its performance and therefore increase its conversion rate.

Here are 5 steps to help you optimise your landing page.

1/ Set an objective

First of all, define your objective. Focus on the action you want visitors to take when they land on your landing page, and don’t detach yourself from it. Everything on your landing page should form the pathway for your visitors to take the desired action: it will be a kind of marketing tunnel.

2/ Rely on social proof

Social proof is a psychological manifestation in which people appropriate the behaviour of others as a guide for their own behaviour. This means that visitors to your landing pages will be led to see reviews or testimonials that they consider to be social proof. Thus, the probability of them converting will be higher because they will see that you have other satisfied customers like them.

3/ Make a clear and convincing offer

Landing page content needs to be precise and concise. It is your content that will encourage visitors to your site to convert. If you have already defined your objectives beforehand, it won’t be difficult to talk about it.

Use a vocabulary similar to that of your potential customers.

4/ Focus on scarcity and simplicity

There is no need to add a ton of elements to your landing page. Too much information will lose your message and the visitor will be disoriented. Opt only for elements that will attract attention.

Note that scarcity tactics are only useful if your offer is limited. Otherwise, avoid them.

5/ Make UX and UI Design a priority

Making UI and UX your priority is in your best interest. First of all, pay attention to the natural referencing of your landing page. Insert keywords so that your page is detectable by users looking for an offer related to your terms.

For your form only the amount of information you need about the people who are likely to contact you. The objective of your page will be related to the length of your form.

You can also use A/B testing, which will involve displaying two variants of a page to different segments of your audience at the same time and comparing which variant generates more conversions. Create them and test them.

In addition, if you use a landing page generator, it is recommended that you use your own domain and a custom URL for each of your landing pages. This will increase your brand recognition and awareness. 

Finally, take the time to write compelling calls to action. Take the time to consider your visitors’ motivations and what you want them to do on your page.

For more advice, take advantage of a free 30-minutes business audit with KODD Group. Book your appointment TODAY !

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