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Kodd Korner, a 360° consulting agency

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Kodd Korner is a 360° consulting agency. Through Kodd Korner, we offer 3 complementary services for your business development. KODDLab, a creative studio for the digitalization of your business. KODDRoom, a Parisian showroom dedicated to international brands, companies and artists. KODDSelection, a web platform dedicated to the agency’s favorite projects.

KODDLab : Through KoddLab, we imagine and create solutions to develop your brand and business. We also offer Influence Marketing in collaboration with our talents. Our ambition is to provide a premium service, original and specific to your brand.

KODDRoom : Through the KoddRoom, we highlight the best of young creative talents by offering a showroom dedicated to discoveries in Paris. We show a fine selection of designers, brands, artists and entrepreneurs permanently in Paris. The showroom is scheduled to open in 2021.

KODDSelection : KoddSelection is a web platform showing fine selections about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We offer a space dedicated to designers and startups, web publications and a special price for our paid offers during 1 year.

Digitise your business via Kodd, a Global Media Company. Let’s be the future !

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