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Live shopping, the future of e-shop

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How will the next generation e-shop ?

The arrival of live shopping completely disrupts traditional e-commerce. Indeed, with the confinement, the signs had to adapt to the situation. Thus, they decided to opt for this change of format of online sales in order to reduce the impact of closures, to innovate but also to increase the rates of engagement and conversion thanks to this type of content.

This method has spread very quickly, especially in the USA with the Facebook platform which launched Live Shopping Friday with brands such as Sephora, Clinique or Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. In France, however, it took longer to spread.

Its evolution

Live shopping is a very popular method in Asia, but it was slow to become known in Eastern Europe. Inserting live shopping into the customer experience meets the expectations of the new generations who like to be live all the time. We can see it with applications like Snapchat or even Tik Tok which are very used by them.

The elements of a good live shopping

Live shopping allows the Internet user to shop and ask questions to an advisor, while staying at home. Indeed, this method offers an extraordinary customer experience that can even seduce people who are not interested in the product sold.

But to guarantee a real contribution to the customer experience during live shopping, it is necessary to check that these elements are present :

1/ A narrative concept, which fits the target and respects the image of the brand

2/ A product that corresponds to the sales format

3/ Several people who animate the live event such as salespeople and/or influencers.

In order to attract a maximum number of users during your live shopping, think about working on your branding! With Kodd, opt for the masterclass “Branding success” to improve or build your brand image.