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Native advertising with Outbrain

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For those who don’t know, Outbrain is a start-up founded in 2006 by Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav in Israel, specialising in the recommendation of sponsored links.

Outbrain‘s technique is to install a personalised recommendation technology. It is used on various major media sites, including Le Parisien, Le Monde, France Télévisions, Les Échos, Orange, TF1, Allociné and L’Équipe. Major global groups such as CNN, Sky News, MSN, BBC and The Guardian also use Outbrain. (Source Wikipedia).

Recently, Kodd-magazine.com also joined the list for Outbrain native advertising media.

The definition of native advertising

Native advertising has two definitions :

  • For the advertiser it is a lever based on the attention of a potentially large audience, and relatively cheap clicks.
  • For publishers (advertising network, network…), the native format offers a profitable business model for “unprofitable” inserts called similar articles, display located below the waterline and which we know that less than 30% of Internet users actually see. Taboola, Ligatus, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads are among the major competitors of the famous platform.

How does Outbrain work on the publisher side ?

On Kodd Magazine in particular, we publish two types of links :

  • Organic links, which are content recommendations pointing directly to our media. This allows us to grow our audience and improve user engagement.
  • Sponsored links, which allow us to monetise the display site. Outbrain advertising formats are “native” and can take several forms (text + image, carousel, or video). They are marketed directly by Outbrain’s sales teams to advertisers and agencies. The revenues generated are then shared between Outbrain and Kodd Magazine for example.

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