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In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, measures were taken to combat the spread of the virus. These measures have had an impact on our lives, including the way we work. These measures resulted in temporary telecommuting. Over time, many companies

In the current situation, we have seen that it is important to digitise your company to optimise your organisation and processes. And yet, there are several reasons why you should decide to change the way your company operates.- Improving your processes When

How will the next generation e-shop ? The arrival of live shopping completely disrupts traditional e-commerce. Indeed, with the confinement, the signs had to adapt to the situation. Thus, they decided to opt for this change of format of online sales

Branding is the idea that the consumer has of your company, thanks to the messages conveyed by your company via the web, the media and print, among others. This representation is essentially psychological. It is due to the broadcasting of your

Influencer marketing is the set of techniques that brands and communication agencies use to communicate with their targets via social networks and blogs, among others, with the help of influencers. Originally, influencer marketing was used to target active members of a

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