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How to optimise your e-reputation in 5 steps

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Taking care of your e-reputation is a guarantee for your brand.

Nowadays, before buying, many people check out the internet on forums and/or blogs. Discover our 5 steps below to help you optimise your e-reputation :

1- Social networks

Using social networks allows you to be in contact with your community and to exchange regularly with them. Pay attention to them!

Regularly check if someone has left you a review, notes or even a comment in order to respond quickly to Internet users who get in touch with you. Remember to always respond positively. Also take the time to check what people are saying about you in groups or under publications, so that you can respond to them too.

2- Reviews on other platforms (blogs, forums, review websites…)

Browse the review websites that concern you, whether they are specific or general websites.

Monitor all reviews about your business, so you can take them into account and answer to comments about your brand. Don’t hesitate to create an account on the review websites concerned, as this will be more practical.

3- Search engines

Search for your brand on the various search engines to find out what sites are talking about you : influencers who have tested your products/services, forum conversations and reviews among others.

Don’t just do this for your brand, but also for its leaders or spokespeople to find out about images that may be damaging to you or even impersonations.

4- Ask for your customers’ opinions (via google, social networks, surveys…etc)

Ask your customers to leave you their opinions (positive or negative, any opinion is good to take) ! Use Google My Business, your social networks or even survey forms to do this.

Encourage your old customers to do this, so that it becomes systematic for new ones. You will then gradually and surely improve your e-reputation.

5- Delegate to an e-reputation agency

If you don’t have the time and/or experience, delegate your e-reputation tasks ! At Kodd Group, we can help you optimise your online reputation. Take advantage of our premium package to digitalise your business by clicking here.