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Optimise the referencing of your website for free

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If you have a problem with your website’s SEO, this article is for you !

Here are 3 tips you can use to improve : 

The Google Ads keyword planner

You can use the keyword planner through your Google Ads account, without necessarily having to launch an advertising campaign.

You can use it to :

1/ Find keywords for your website

It will allow you to get multiple words similar to the given keywords.

Its use is not complicated. Just go to your account and click on “find new keywords”. You will then be able to enter “basic” keywords, from which Google will base its search.

It will then offer you a list of keywords related to those suggested using its search engine data.

2/ Analyse the relevance

In addition, Google will show you the search volumes related to the keywords. This data will allow you to have a first criterion of choice during your selection.

You can also analyse the level of competition for the keywords. It is important to know that a highly searched keyword will often be very competitive. You are free to choose whether you prefer a keyword with high competition or whether you prefer to be more cautious and opt for a less competitive keyword with which it will be easier to position yourself.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is also a very good tool that will allow you to collect a lot of data about the performance of your website on search engines such as Google or Bing.

You can use it to :

1/ Identify performance problems with your website

With this Google tool, you will be able to identify problems that will occur on your online platform. These include problems with indexing, coverage or even search engine performance.

All this information will be available and notified to you via email alerts.

2/ Keyword identification

You will also be able to obtain a report on search performance.

This report will allow you to identify the keywords that have caused your website to be viewed and clicked on.

By learning more about this list of search terms, you will be able to identify which keywords to work on to optimise your SEO.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool will allow you to analyse your audience. You should use it to better understand your target audience, i.e. deepen your knowledge of their behaviour.

This tool will allow you to have access to data that will tell you how the target arrived on your website and how they navigate on it (bounce rate, time on a page, number of pages visited, impressions etc.)

Thus, you can evaluate the performance of your marketing actions, your content, your products, etc…

At KODD, we help you to optimise your referencing. Take advantage of a subscription for the maintenance of your website today !