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pexels sk strategie digital strategy kodd group agency agence marketing
pexels sk strategie digital strategy kodd group agency agence marketing
pexels sk strategie digital strategy kodd group agency agence marketing


Optimise your digital strategy in 5 steps

Digital strategy refers to a communication policy adopted by a company on the various types of digital media.

It allows you to ensure a digital presence and to stand out in a competitive environment by using digital tools and investing in communication spaces that have become popular. To optimise your digital strategy, here are 5 steps to follow :

Short-term goals

The goals you determine must be aligned with the company’s plans and meet its strategic objectives.

Defining your objectives is essential. Ask yourself the right questions, that is to say: Why do you want to do digital marketing ? What will this type of marketing do for you ? Marketing goals evolve over time as behaviours change and new communication channels can emerge very quickly. Therefore, remember to readjust your goals according to the results obtained and expected. They must be short-term.

Your digital strategy will depend on your company’s goals. It can be articulated in different ways.

Market analysis and benchmarking

To define your digital strategy, start by making a diagnosis of your company and your market.

Do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and/or a PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Ecological, Legislative) and then audit your own current communication.

Then, to help you find ideas for levers of action and content, carry out a benchmark, that is to say a competitive survey. Take 2 or 3 of your direct competitors and scrutinise their digital communication. You will discover opportunities and identify effective content.

Define a budget

After that, define your budget because it will allow you to orient your marketing choices such as the type of strategy and the desired communication channels.

Positioning and Editorial Strategy

Now that you have all the information you need to develop your action plan, you can determine your positioning. All the information you have assembled previously will allow you to refine your positioning and select the channels and media that are appropriate for your brand image to achieve your objectives and target.

Don’t forget to define your editorial strategy to give substance to your inbound and/or outbound marketing strategy.

We also recommend that you develop a content strategy that will answer your audience’s questions.

Your editorial line should enable you to frame your communication. It delimits the axes and subjects to be dealt with but also the tone, the approach and your relationship with your audience.

Performance and profitability

Use performance indicators to check the relevance of your actions such as traffic on your website, leads, bounce rate, etc… All this information allows you to measure the results of your digital communication and to adjust your strategy if necessary.

Don’t forget to calculate your profitability with the cost of acquisition, which is calculated by the sum of your investments divided by the number of customers gained thanks to your digital marketing actions.

In addition, to optimise your digital strategy, optimise your brand image. This will improve your performance and build trust with your target audience! Choose to optimise your brand image with Kodd Group.

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