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Interview summary :

Angela Anz, Kodd Group’s founder and CEO, was 18 years old when she chose entrepreneurship. In 2014, she founded her company. Interview with Angela Anz, the founder.

Hello Angela, what is Kodd Group ?
Kodd is an international premium media, web, digital and print magazine and a 360° consulting agency (Kodd Korner).

What was the motivation for creating your concept ?
My motivation was born during the very first fashion show of my brand and I realised that not all the guests were present. I noticed that when young designers don’t have a “network”, it is very difficult for them to get known. We should all have the right to a first time, to more partnerships. That’s why I wanted to build a media to highlight creatives, brands and companies, not only in fashion, but also in beauty and culture fields.

Can you tell us about your concept ?
We are a new generation media and agency, which celebrates talent in fashion, beauty and culture fields. Our concept is based on discovery through our different media : Kodd Magazine, a high-end media 2.0, and Kodd Korner, our 360° Consulting Agency.

What is unique about your concept ?
Our concept is unique because it allows brands and companies to integrate easily with Kodd. The goal is to optimise the interest of our community of “digital natives”, who are very committed to our values. In simple terms : a discreet advertising campaign.


By Véronique B.