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Spend less and earn more when you’re in business

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It is possible to spend less and earn more without affecting your results.

And for that there are different tricks to know :

1/ The 5 levers

The 5 levers is a method that consists in dividing your marketing strategy into 5 key points. The levers are the following :

– Generate contacts
– Convert them into customers
– Retain these customers so that they come back often
– Increase your sales
– Improve your margins

Selecting a few tactics will allow you to grow by 5% to 10%, while preserving your results. Indeed, choose affordable and relevant tactics in order to obtain recurring performances.

2/ Slow Advertising

The excessive sending of advertising to consumers has made them want to get away from this media flow. Thus, to continue to communicate with them, you will have to use the “slow advertising” method to decrease your advertising frequency, to communicate in a less aggressive way, as well as to have a more precise targeting.

This type of advertising allows you to spend less, but better. Indeed, it will allow you to spend with intelligence, because the ads will be less aggressive and better perceived. For this, use podcasts, media and/or influencers who will communicate with their communities.

You will then be able to propose complete and adapted content, via different channels, which will give a qualitative aspect to your product/service to better get the message across to your target.

To get started with slow advertising, start with influencer marketing with Kodd! Choose the masterclass “Mastering Influence Marketing“.