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SXO’ impact on SEO

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What is SXO ? SXO is a discipline that has emerged in recent years to change the way SEOs do SEO.

It stands for Search eXperience Optimization and can be translated as “search experience optimization”. What has been the impact of SXO on SEO ? 

For a long time we thought that SXO was the evolution of SEO. The latter has changed a lot over the years and has come to adapt to a more user-centric approach, which has led organic SEO specialists to think that SEO can be replaced by SXO. But a closer look at these two concepts shows that they are not comparable.

  • Completely different concepts 

SXO aims to improve the experience of search engine users by offering them features that did not previously exist on the search results page.

SEO, on the other hand, is a set of techniques that enable websites to rank higher on Google results pages.

There is a difference. The former allows a site to rise in the search engine results and the latter to improve the search experience of Internet users.

Understanding these notions can convince us that they are two different notions, but which tend to complement each other. 

  • Two complementary strategies

As SEO specialists, we know that Google has always implemented major updates to its algorithm to improve its use, its treatment of searches and its ranking of search results, which will now favour sites that offer real added value to their users.

This approach is very user-centric and has become a standard for SEO specialists. Thus, SEO specialists have already started to offer exceptional content that provides value to users. And this is possible thanks to the efforts of search engines to offer more relevant results and to eliminate spam and the results of SEOs who are always trying to do better.

It is in this user-centred spirit that the SXO was born. It brings together all the practices put in place to enrich the search experience. 

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