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teletravail work at home kodd group agency agence digital marketing growth
teletravail work at home kodd group agency agence digital marketing growth
teletravail work at home kodd group agency agence digital marketing growth


Telework and digital

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, measures were taken to combat the spread of the virus. These measures have had an impact on our lives, including the way we work. These measures resulted in temporary telecommuting.

Over time, many companies have adopted this way of working and are still doing it.

Has telecommuting become the norm ?

In France, telecommuting became more widespread after the first lockdown. And many companies have become accustomed to it and are starting to enjoy it, some experts even say that this way of working will become the norm in some companies. And it’s already happening in a few like Kodd Group.

Telecommuting reinforces the digital workplace

Remote working has necessitated the use of digital tools so that employees can stay connected and get their work done every day.

This means making sure that every employee has the necessary equipment, a digital workplace must be put in place. And every employee must have access to it to avoid reinforcing the digital divide.

The digital workplace should cover collaborations and communication between the employee on a single platform. Offer your employees different platforms like Asana, Teams, intranet or others.

When collaborating remotely, you need to be able to communicate documents or interconnect applications useful to the business. This allows to digitalize the company’s processes.

This way of working allows everyone to be more productive because the use of digital platforms allows to learn quickly or to find what you need faster. Everyone can communicate together and everything is available.

Geographical diversity

Telecommuting also makes it possible to get rid of the geographical location in the hiring criteria. Indeed, digitizing its modes of operation and using them remotely allows recruiting people who are suitable for the position, regardless of their location. This promotes diversity, as the company provides solutions for working remotely.

Developing telework in your company

1/ Is telecommuting appreciated in your company ?

Not everyone likes this way of working. Even if some people appreciate teleworking, the lack of human contact is felt after a while. Some still want to benefit from the company’s framework. They have already tried telecommuting and know what it’s like. So first of all, consult them, to know their real position.

2/ Do you have the necessary equipment ?

Even if all of your employees are in favor of telecommuting, you need to provide them with the necessary equipment. Make sure you provide them with the hardware and software that will allow them to be productive. Ask them to choose the hardware they feel is best for them.

3/ Is your business suitable for telecommuting ?

Many people start telecommuting without knowing that it is not really suited to their business. Some activities are not efficient when telecommuting. Thus, reducing all your activity to telecommuting can harm your business, it will be less productive.

At KODD Group we have been telecommuting since the beginning of our journey. Since 2014, over 2000 partners worldwide with over 5 Million people across 70+ countries. Learn more about our expertise and our history.

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