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algorithme instagram kodd group agency agence digital
algorithme instagram kodd group agency agence digital
algorithme instagram kodd group agency agence digital


Understanding the Instagram algorithm

An algorithm is a formula or set of instructions that is used to carry out a process that is provided by these rules.

For example, algorithms on social networks determine which specific posts are shown to which users, as well as the number of times posts are shown and when.

Before the advent of algorithms, the common mechanism was focused on the time of publication. It showed the most recent publications in the users’ feed first. Then, platforms decided to adopt a new algorithm based on relevance but still taking into account the time of publication.

The steps of an algorithm are never shared with the public. Only the objectives of these steps are shared. Thus, content creators can use this information to develop their social media strategies that will meet the platform’s goals.

How does the Instagram news feed work ?

When it started in 2010, the Instagram news feed was sorted in reverse chronological order. This only allowed users to see the posts, from the accounts they follow, from the most recent to the oldest. However, this algorithm did not allow users to see the posts that mattered most to them based on the photos they liked. As a result, the old algorithm was swapped out in 2016.

Instagram’s algorithmic process

Many criteria are taken into account by this algorithm in the display of your feed:

– Relevance : the probability that you will be interested in the content displayed, given the content you have liked. This will include all types of content. For example, if you tend to like photos or videos of cars, your algorithm will show you more of them in your feed. This is thanks to image recognition which helps to better understand visual content.
– Recency : That is, the time and date the post was created,
– Interaction between accounts : your previous interactions with the account that published the content.

All of these criteria are applied to posts as well as Instagram and organic ads. And the algorithm is constantly evolving, gathering all the insights from user behaviour that arise over time. As a result, it becomes more accurate.

How to defeat the Instagram algorithm ?

Everyone hopes to find a solution to this algorithm, but the best way is to use your time and budget wisely.

The key is to learn to work with the rules of the algorithm. This will help you achieve sustainable success on Instagram but also on other social networks.

Now that you have a better understanding of Instagram’s algorithm, take advantage of a free 30 minutes audit with Kodd to improve your ranking.

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