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How to contact our customer service ?

Please contact us by e-mail via the contact page or at contact@koddgroup.com. We will get back to you within 48 working hours, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays).

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What does KODD Group offer ?

KODD Medias :

We provide advertisers, brands and communication agencies with the opportunity to purchase links from our media in order to improve their SEO.

Links purchased from KODD Medias are high-quality, targeted links to specific pages on a website. We have different formats, such as sponsored articles or press releases with links.

KODD Korner :

We offer 3 complementary services to develop your business : Lab, a creative studio, Room, an influence studio, Selection, a digital studio.

Attract prospects and build customer loyalty through growth marketing with KODD Korner.

KODD Masterclass :

KODD Masterclass was created to provide authentic business courses. The goal is to help you master our advices to build a successful marketing strategy.

Some courses on the platform : Branding Workshop, Press Relations Workshop, Retail Sourcing Workshop, Branding Masterclass, Branding Consultation, Growth Marketing Webinar.

How to buy a sponsored article ?

To buy a sponsored article, you can use our online platform, which will enable you to choose the right offer to publish your sponsored content.

We provide sponsored articles for buying links to advertisers' websites. If you'd like to try out our expertise, download our white book for a free offer.

Our prices and conditions are available on our online platform.

How can you achieve your netlinking or sponsored article goals ?

We can adapt to your netlinking or sponsored content goals to reach your target audience, allowing you to organise and order any campaigns you want, whatever your industry or country.

We can help you find your market and audience through our offers.

How to improve your branding ?

Branding covers all actions a company takes to build and promote its brand, in order to stand out from the competition and be recognised by its target audience.

Sponsored content can help to improve a brand's reputation and influence by giving it greater awareness among its target audience and boosting its credibility with customers.

How does KODD improve your branding ?

KODD Medias allows advertisers to publish sponsored articles in exchange for financial payment.

These articles can then be used to strengthen a company's brand image by offering relevant, high-quality information to its target audience.

Let’s do great things together.

Since 2014, KODD leads fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries for +2000 brands/artists in +70 countries either +5 million people.