Founded in 2014, Kodd Group is an international success thanks to its community and its concept : Kodd Medias, premium 2.0 media and Kodd Korner, 360° Consulting Agency.

Since its creation, Kodd has highlighted +2 000 partners worldwide with +5 Million people across +70 Countries.

We are a new generation Media and Agency which promotes the expertise of actors from fashion, beauty and culture. Our motto is Discovery !

The Media

Through our media, we focus on outstanding and creative work, by building our community with targeted publications, dedicated content, events, to get visible, generate traffic as well as digital and physical acquisition.

Via the print & digital (KODD) and web magazine (KODD Magazine), we highlight creatives, brands and companies that share our ideal of excellence. We promote actors from the fields of fashion, beauty and culture.

By revealing quality content of our favorites for their ambition, motivation and creativity to a community of digital natives very committed to our positioning and our values.


The Agency

KODD Korner is a 360° consulting agency. We offer 3 complementary services to develop your business.

  • KODDLab, a creative studio based on branding, art direction and visual arts.
  • KODDRoom, an influence studio to build your awareness : brand launches, events (webinars, masterclasses, pop up stores, trade shows), retail sourcing (online and physical).
  • KODDSelection, a digital studio to build customer loyalty through organic marketing by focusing on content creation, social media management and SEO.

The Training Platform

KODD Masterclass is a genuine training platform. Our ambition is to teach you the right ready-to-use techniques for a successful marketing strategy.

We assist fashion, beauty and lifestyle professionals during our Workshops, Webinars and Masterclasses. Our trainings are virtual, physical and hybrid.

We focus on growth marketing to help you achieve your goals. Our platform's added value : courses provided on live stream followed by replays to learn more.

Some courses on the platform : Branding Workshop, Press Relations Workshop, Retail Sourcing Workshop, Branding Masterclass, Branding Consultation, Growth Marketing Webinar.

Let’s do great things together.

Since 2014, KODD leads fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries for +2000 brands/artists in +70 countries either +5 million people.