Comment être étudiant et entreprendre

How to be a student and an entrepreneur

Because there is no age to have a good idea, how to be a student and be an entrepreneur ?


How to obtain the national status of student-entrepreneur ? 

This status is aimed directly at students and young graduates who wish to carry out an entrepreneurial project. This status gives you many advantages because it allows you to reconcile your studies and work time. You can adjust your schedule, earn ECTS credits, work on your project during the mandatory internships and keep your student status and the associated benefits.

To benefit from this status, it is recommended that you be under 28 years of age. Beyond that age, it is still possible but you will no longer benefit from the student advantages. You must have the baccalaureate or equivalent, and put together an application file. This file is studied by the PEPITE (student center for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship). Once the application is accepted, the student is given the necessary tools to move forward with the creation of his or her company.

Clearly, having the status of student-entrepreneur, served by the state, allows for a simplified creation of your company while continuing to go to class. For graduates, it provides free access to entrepreneurship-based training in addition to advancing their projects. It is one of the best ways to launch yourself into entrepreneurship while being accompanied.


A risky bet that is worth it

Being young and being an entrepreneur is a risky bet. You have to take your time, not rush and measure the risks. You must be fully aware of the risks and the stakes. Don't rush into anything, be sure before you jump in. It is risky to commit money at such a young age, in fact, you must be well accompanied.

Failure is a possibility, take it into account. Of course, it is not an end in itself, it is better to undertake than not to try anything, you will always bounce back.

Undertaking is not a long quiet river, it requires courage and determination. Do not forget that you can be accompanied by the State. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from professionals in the sector in which you wish to engage.

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