Les enjeux d'un livre blanc pour une entreprise

The importance of a white paper for a company

A white paper is an essential document in a content marketing strategy, to transform leads into prospects and expand your customer base. 


What is a white paper ? 

A white paper is a practical guide that addresses a specific issue and provides concrete answers. The content is a strong added value for the subject it deals with. It is published by a company that does not directly sell its services in it, but promotes them.

More simply, the white paper analyzes a subject, a problem, that a company is able to solve. It is important to find a good topic that will make the reader click and for which he is ready to give his contact information.


The benefits of an white paper

The white paper is part of an Inbound Marketing strategy, whose main objective is to attract leads and prospects. It is common to include a landing page to download the white paper. In fact, you will collect information that will allow you to send the reader of the book, additional and personalized information that can trigger a purchase on your platform.

Know that a request for a white paper is never disinterested, if someone looks at your book, it is because he has a problem and is looking to solve it. If your company offers them a solution, then you gain a potential customer.

Moreover, by dealing with a specific subject, you position yourself as an expert in the field and this plays in favor of your notoriety.

White papers have a long shelf life. If the subject it deals with is static, then your book will remain a recognized guide for a long time. This means that the return on investment will be significant over time. In fact, it is very important that the white paper is done by a professional. Don't forget that it is a showcase of your business that allows you to stand out.


At KODD Group, we bring you several topics via our white papers, infographics and studies on entrepreneurship. Download our latest white paper "The impact of sponsored links and articles to improve your SEO". We are a new generation Media and Agency that promotes the know-how of actors from the fields of fashion, beauty and culture. Our motto is Discovery !

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