Entreprendre ou être salarié ?

Be an entrepreneur or an employee ?

Today, our world is in full mutation. According to a Pôle-emploi source, it is estimated that 85% of the jobs of 2030 have not yet been invented. This raises a real question about the future of salaried employment in favor of entrepreneurship, which is synonymous with freedom.


Being an employee 

There are advantages linked to each status. First of all, being an employee is a safety net. You are guaranteed a salary every month, paid vacations, allowances and bonuses. It is possible to receive unemployment and to have a minimum for retirement. This safety net allows you to pay back your loans, but also to do your shopping and put money aside.

Conversely, you work in a "golden prison." You need prior approval to go on vacation, take a day off or in case of illness. You don't work for yourself, but for someone to whom you bring in more money than they spend on you. Being a wage earner does not mean you are safe until you retire. It is because machines are replacing man that new jobs are appearing and others are disappearing. In France, according to a Pôle-emploi source, it is estimated that only 5% of the employees are satisfied with their company, so isn't it worthwhile to be independent ?


Being an entrepreneur

Likewise, entrepreneurship is a permanent danger. It is not guaranteed to have a fixed salary every month or a salary at all, the income is irregular because the source of income is not stable. An entrepreneur does not always count his hours and works an average of 47 hours per week compared to 37.5 for an employee. He also pays more social contributions at 48.54% compared to 34.18% for an employee. Nevertheless, the average salary of an entrepreneur is more than 500 euros per month.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurship rhymes with freedom. Of course you don't count your hours, but you are free to work at any time of the day or night. The web professions can, for example, be exercised anywhere in the world. Indeed, this does not change anything to your activity nor your work rhythm.

As a freelancer, you are free to go on vacation whenever you want and to take a day off without having to report to anyone because you are your own boss. Being an entrepreneur means you get more satisfaction from your business because you meet your own goals and not those of your boss !


What differentiates the employee from the contractor ? 

For 66% of French people, entrepreneurship is the future of employment, not because of financial considerations but because of the desire for independence.

Being an employee is an easy solution, whereas being an entrepreneur means putting oneself in danger and risking losing everything. But then, the question of passion comes into play, why do we get up in the morning ? Is it to take up new challenges ? To follow your daily routine ? To go to sleep feeling proud of what you have accomplished during the day ?

To take control of your future is to create your own luck and success. And in case of failure, it is always possible to take a job in a company !

Whether you choose to be a salaried employee or an entrepreneur, what matters most is your short, medium and long-term plan. Your objectives must be precise in order to progress according to your rhythm, your ambitions and your lifestyle.

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