Comment bien choisir sa stratégie de contenu ?

How to choose the right content strategy ?

Today, 70% of marketers invest in content marketing. Indeed, this method allows to generate 3 times more leads than paid advertising on search engines while costing 62% less. So how to choose the right content strategy ?


Content marketing has become essential for a company or a brand that wants to generate leads, gain prospects and create a community.

Know your brand and set goals 

It's important to know your brand as a whole. How does it define itself ? What are its values ? What is its history ? What products or services does it sell ? It is important to set up a good storytelling to develop a relevant strategy. It is also necessary to define your personas as soon as possible, who are you addressing ? And how do we address the target ?

In order to define your strategy, it is important to set objectives, in particular thanks to the SMART method, so that they are Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Temporally defined. This method allows you to orient your strategy to meet the brand's objectives by defining the type of content to be produced within a timeframe.


Plan your content with a key objective

Although a strategy should meet several objectives, it is necessary to define an overarching objective to structure its content in the immediate future. It can be : generating leads, informing the target, optimizing SEO etc. The target defines the whole content strategy.

After that, you need to set up a clear and achievable editorial calendar for the promotion, production and performance of your brand. Don't be afraid to encourage collaboration to share the workload. This will allow you to produce more quality content, but also to have an external view on the work done. A collaboration is only effective if a clear and precise brief of the project is given.


Choosing the right distribution channels

To optimize the distribution of your content, we encourage you to choose several channels. Some channels to choose from are: web, print, television and/or live. However, you should pay particular attention to performance tracking to improve your content strategy if necessary. Performance reports can make your campaigns evolve to your advantage.

Remember, an effective content strategy can help you grow your business at a lower cost !

At KODD Magazine, we create a custom editorial influence strategy for your company's SEO. Our goal is to showcase creatives, brands and companies that share our ideal of excellence. We promote actors from the fields of fashion, beauty and culture.
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