Les 3 règles d'or d'une stratégie marketing efficace

The 3 basic rules of an effective marketing strategy

According to a study by We Are Social, 89% of the French population spends 20% of their day on the Internet. This represents a huge challenge for companies and a huge range of possibilities. To do so, here are 3 golden rules to have an efficient marketing strategy.


Understand who you are addressing 

Defining your target, your persona, is the basis of any marketing campaign. Choosing and knowing your target is knowing how they will react to advertising and what their expectations are regarding a product or service. You will then be able to offer them personalized services likely to meet their needs. Your target will pay more attention to your brand if you meet their needs, and will talk about it around them.

A good knowledge of your target is essential to direct your marketing campaign and achieve the desired result.


Have an adapted presence on social networks

An effective marketing strategy also requires a presence on social networks. In order to be optimal, develop your presence on the social networks that your target uses. It is important to interact with your community and adapt to it.

In particular, the language register that your target uses, a content likely to appeal to your community and do this always with courtesy and kindness. The help of a community manager is welcome if you don't know anything about the sector, leave it to the pros !

Have a compelling storytelling

Your story is the added value of your brand. Since there is a lot on offer, it is very important that you stand out from your competitors. Make your brand unique by making consumers want to choose you. Your brand should no longer be associated with a product, but with a memory. An emotion will make it credible and impactful in the eyes of your customers.

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